Saturday, 13 February 2016

Work Experience Placement!


On many courses at university (or even before you get to university!) you may need work experience. For my course, it's 'compulsory' which means it's worth 20% of one assessment which is worth 50% of one of six units in this year of my course.

To put it simply (and in a way my lecturers would hate!) it’s only worth about 1.7% of my grade this year, which doesn’t go towards the final grade of my course and isn’t as compulsory as they would imply, as you can pass the course without it.

So with that in mind I wasn’t fussing too much about getting work experience – after an early finish one day at uni, I went and sat in the Student Union bar and did what I like to call ‘admin work’ in which I plan out my assignments and my time and figure out what else I have to do. In this time, I found than Channel 4 have a work experience program and I applied for it on the off chance, definitely not expecting it because I’ve applied for placements like that before and never got them.

Bearing in mind – I applied on a whim and I haven’t applied anywhere else.

I got it!

Last Tuesday I got an email saying I’d been successful – they’re paying for my travel, I get to stay in a 4 Star Hotel all expenses paid and I get to work in the online department at Channel 4 for a whole week! I can’t believe it, I’m so happy and proud of myself – apparently I have a decent application!

Work experience is always useful – I’m always keeping an eye out for work experience placements because not only is it a chance to learn more about a field you’re interested in and meet new people but it’s an opportunity to get your foot in the door and make contacts for the future! Which in a field like mine, journalism, but so many creative fields, it’s so important to have contacts because getting a good job is about who you know.

I’ll let you know about anything exciting that happens!

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