Friday, 22 January 2016

Friends From Home, Friends From Uni

A lot of people will tell you that going to uni is the best years of your life - that you have the best times and make the best friends and it's the best few years to have before you really hit the working world.

Having just started the second half of my first year and seeing it beginning to conclude and map itself out, I start thinking back to secondary school.

Whilst a lot of people (particularly at my university) went to college and did a variety of courses that weren't at all available to me, I stayed on at my school's sixth form and did A Levels in English Language, English Literature and Maths (I sucked at maths - my maths teacher still tells his current classes how bad I was at maths, very unprofessional). So I was in the same school, the same environment, doing three of the same subjects, surrounded by the same people for about seven years.

In those seven years (and, in some cases, more before that!) I made some amazing friends, some of which I'm lucky to still be in contact with now but many of which I talked to last before I even moved to uni. Sometimes, friendships fizzle away and whilst that isn't always a bad thing (in fact, I quite enjoyed clearing out my Facebook friends list when I left school!), sometimes you lose people that were really special to you and had a very important place in your heart.

Sometimes I wonder whether those people think the same about me - that they used to have this friend that they thought would be in their lives forever but they changed and now they don't talk anymore and it's sad but probably for the best.

And it probably is for the best - people come and go from our lives and the people that stay are the ones that deserve to stay or the ones that fight to stay, but sometimes you wonder why some didn't fight to stay.

The advice I would give for trying to cope with this (as I feel I should try to end this post on an uplifting note!) is to try and dissociate yourself with the people you're not in contact with anymore - unfollow them on Facebook and Snapchat and whatever other social media. If you're trying to move on to a life that they're not in, then seeing them appear on your timeline is going to make it difficult to forget.

Don't get me wrong - university is amazing and I've met so many incredible people that I have are going to be in my life for a long time. I just had a reflective, nostalgic moment.

Good luck to everyone still applying and going to university in this coming September - you're about to start the biggest adventure of your life so far!

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