Monday, 23 November 2015

Submitting Assignments

As Christmas approaches, a lot of students will be facing deadlines - assignment deadlines, looming exams; it's all a bit daunting.

Before the end of term, I've got four assignments completing two units due and the remaining two assignments that make up the third unit are due straight after New Years, with three brand new units starting after that! Today is the deadline for my second assignment.

Having been given the assignment two months ago, you'd think everyone on my course would have had it all under control and sorted, right?

Of course not!

Whilst we've all been somewhat working on it for two months, the majority of the work has been done in the past week - I wrote the last part of the assignment yesterday morning and submitted it last night (to save myself that extra bit of stress today).

Planning is a big part of getting assignments done - it doesn't need to be done in the first week it's set, often that can mean that the assignment might not be as well done as if the whole time allowed was used, but designating time to do a little bit once, twice a week will get it done.

For me, what works best is printing out a calendar and using coloured pens to mark on it when my deadlines are, social events and things I need to do so I can allocate work time. Lists are also a big help - my to do list today includes writing this blog post, doing some class prep work and chipping away at some assignment prep work too!

Obviously I can only advise on the kind of assignments I get - I do one course out of the thousands on offer and if someone does a more heavily essay or practical based subject, it all changes.

But after years of exams and coursework with GCSEs, A Levels, B-Techs and everything else, hopefully you have an idea of how best you study and what works ideally for you - at the end of the day, it's all about you and making sure you're okay and have everything under control in the end.

Assignments are tricky and can be daunting with deadlines fast approaching, but the feeling you get when you submit it and you know you're done makes it all worth it.

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