Monday, 16 November 2015



My name's Sophie and I'm a multimedia journalism student at Southampton Solent University. 

Whenever I say I'm studying 'multimedia journalism', most people ask what that means - they get what journalism is but what does multimedia mean? 

Well, to break it down it's multiple forms of media - we study not only writing copy but taking photos, making video and working in radio too. And that's what made the course appeal to me so much.

Before I applied to university I already ran my own blog and I've had my YouTube channel for almost two years now - I love making things and sharing the content I make online and when I found this course, I knew it was just everything I was doing already or wanted to be doing but I'd be getting a degree for it!

Outside of blogging and videos, I love creative writing - I've written literally hundreds of short stories and I even finished a full length novel in 2012 but I haven't had the chance to get back to it yet (A levels, moving across the country, university, y'know I'm a bit busy!). Music is also a massive passion of mine - concerts are my favourite place in the entire world and whenever I'm stressed or sad, I just put my headphones on and cut off the rest of society and listen to music because it's so relaxing for me.

I'm a very passionate person - I throw myself head first into any challenge I face, so I'm really excited to start blogging for UCAS!

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