Monday, 7 December 2015

Almost the end of term!

I imagine by your second or third year at university, 'half term' will seem like a fond, distant memory but as a first year student who hasn't had a week off since September - I'm missing my October half term right now!

This week I enter my 11th academic week at university and I'm really starting to feel it - with two looming deadlines this week (the remaining two lingering in the 'after Christmas' haze) and the prospect of going home for Christmas in less than two weeks, these last days at uni feel like years.

But, fellow first years, freshers - we've almost made it through our first semester! At this point, universities and colleges around the country start to break up for the best part of a month off over Christmas. My university is more like school in that we only get two weeks off from December 18th to January 4th - I'll probably spend most of it sleeping!

However these last two weeks I think will be fun - everyone's starting to feel more festive, there's Christmas jumpers everywhere and all the lecturers and tutors are counting down the days as much as the students are! Everyone's tired and that 10am lecture seems like a lot of effort to all that attend.

Though everyone's ready for the holidays, it's nicer to think that we've made it through 12 weeks (in my case) of moving away from home, living for ourselves and studying something you love (hopefully)!

I'm not sure whether I'm trying to convince myself or you that we can make it to the end of term! It's only two more weeks.

Two more weeks of trying to sleep in halls when people are running down the corridor at 2am, two more weeks of stressing over assignments and trying to balance and prioritise what's important and two more weeks of making ready meals and pot noodles and craving dad's cooking!

Of course I'm being somewhat sarcastic - I don't mean to make it all sound as bleak as that. As I was lying in bed last night I realised I'm probably the happiest right now that I've ever been! And 12 weeks of uni has definitely contributed to that - new friends, an amazing course and a brilliant university.

Here's to Christmas!

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